Bought My Wife Her 1st Revolver

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      Bought My Wife Her 1st Revolver

      Looking over a case at a pawnshop out of town found a earl 70's Colt detective special (haven't called for a date yet) rates @ about 90% bluing, holster wear but the bore is perfect. Someone liked it enough to put Colt medallion stag grips on it. I'll try to get a picture up but for $225.00 + tax couldn't turn it down.

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      Your a good husband she should really like the Colt.

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      Carried one for severl years and they are a good sloid .38. With some practice it will become a favorite of hers I am sure. Good luck.

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      Get her some Pachmyer grips for it before she shoots it, also some HKS or Safariland speedloaders and she's good to go. The Detective Special isn't rated for a steady diet of +P ammuntion, but a few for practice won't hurt it.

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