Does anyone from this Hand Gun Forum go to or belong to the Aurora Gun Club ( Welcome to the Aurora Gun Club ) in Aurora Colorado? It's out on (where else?) Gun Club Road east of Aurora. About 20 minutes from home so it would be nice and convienient for after work plinking in the summer.

I went out there today to check the place out and found out that there is a 1000 member cap and a 300+ waiting list. I had no idea this could be the case but mark that up to just being naive I guess. They have 5 trap ranges, 7 pistol berms, what looks like 25 tables for those 100 yard long guns and another 10 or so for 200 yard rifles. An archery range as well. I'm looking for information about the club part of it. I know they just increased the initiation fee and yearly membership but it still might be better than standing in line at an indoor range in the summer. Everyone I spoke with there seemed friendly, but I wasnt invited to shoot. Membership has it privileges.

I'm looking to participate in some of the competitons they host but it looks like it wont be this coming summer, not with that waiting list. I will be stopping out to watch the competitions as I find out thier dates. I'd like to find out if this is something I really do want to get involved in. They might even have 'non-member' participation.

I also drove out the "Golden" club another 7 miles east of AGC but that is definatly more skeet, trap and long gun then handgun. I only saw about 6 lanes for pistols there.

Does anyone know about any other Gun Clubs or public outdoor ranges around this area I havent heard about yet? I know about Cherry Creek
State Park already. Not impressed there at all.