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    CCW with criminal backround in South Carolina

    Hello Forum.

    I have a question about purchasing a handgun in South Carolina and obtaining a CCP if you have a criminal record.

    A little back round:

    Was arrested in 1996 with a concealed weapon and disorderly conduct spent the night in jail and was find $760.00 for the weapons charge and $304.00 for the disorderly conduct charge. Paid the bond and forfeited the weapon and was placed in PTI, after completion of PTI the weapons charge was expunged.

    The disorderly is the only offense on my South Carolina SLED record and the with the county sheriffs office were the incident took place.

    My question is can I purchase a handgun from a dealer and if the background check for the gun is approved and I purchase the gun will I have a problem getting a CWP??????

    From what I have read in the South Carolina laws the weapons charge is a class c misdemeanor, but I understand that I have to disclose that charge on the CWP application even though it was expunged.

    Common sense seems to be if I purchase a gun from a dealer and pass the back round check and get the gun that I should not have a problem with the CWP.....

    Any comments...

    thanks for your time.

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    I don't know the law in SC, but the only way to find out is to go ahead and apply for the CCP before you purchase the gun. That way you will know before you buy if you can carry legally.

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    I had a problem in TN. I took the class and got my CCW permit with no problem. The problem came when I tried to purchase a gun. Seems the NCIS background check showed an erroneous and unresolved arrest from 1966! It took almost two years to straighten it out. It's all fixed now, but be prepared for a big headache if your arrest record has not been updated in NCIS. I had never been arrested, but somehow someone else's record got posted to mine. Good luck.


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