Alternative Carry

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      Alternative Carry

      Whats up guys,

      So I have a pretty messed up situation where I am from. The outside of the downtown area where bars and restuarants are located are considered "city property." So technically in Iowa (where I believe its legal to carry in a bar or restuarant) it is legal to carry in those places but once you step outside, your in a gun free zone.

      So when I go out to this spot, I have to carry alternative weapons, like batons (which are still technically a weapon but its easy to dispose of), kuboton and pepper blaster kimber model both which are 100% legal.

      What alternate carry systems do you guys have and how do you feel when you are in a spot where technically you "can't carry"

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      Jake, "concealed is concealed."

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      off the subject ,,be careful employing a can of mace in the shape of a pistol, if exposing the kimber mace treat the pistol shaped mace object as with the same precautions as you would a real gun. it can be mistook as a real gun, same as a toy your flank.

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      My alternate carry is from the left front pocket to the right front pocket.......

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      As long as you have it concealed well and aren't wearing a shirt that says "I have a gun on me", I think you should be fine.

      I'm not technically allowed (by school "law" not by state law) to carry concealed on campus. But you bet your ass I'll have my M&P in my IWB holster every time I step foot on that campus. I'm not risking being victim of a shooting because my school wants to strip my 2nd Amendment rights.

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