Looking for a new handgun! If near LA/OC let me know!

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      Looking for a new handgun! If near LA/OC let me know!

      I've been shopping around for something new and would love to skip the middle man and transfer from someone I meet! Preferably something smaller and 9mm would be perfect, but any caliber would do. I already have a big glock21 and I wouldn't mind something slim like a sig 239 or 232, even a HK uspc(9mm). I'm open to almost anything nice and in the $4-600 range so no custom 1911s!, shoot me an email for a serious offer!

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      I see you got no reply, and sorry I can't help myself...but what's the reason that you don't just want to go somewhere like Turner's? They have lots of used and new as well.

      If I was spending up to $500, I would get a Glock 19 (9mm)...but I can't even afford that, so I went with a Hi point C-9 (9mm) and I actually like it quite a bit. When I'm ready to spend more I plan to get a Glock 19. If I was in the position to spend A LOT more, I would get just want you said NOT to recommend in your post...a $1,200+ 1911

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