Browning .380 need help

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    Browning .380 need help

    I have one. It appears to be in very good shape. Serial number is 643490 I have 4 questions...
    1. When was it made?
    2. What is it worth?
    3. Can I get a manual for it?
    4. How do you get it apart? There appears to be a ribbed ring at the muzzle with 2 slots that I suspect has something to do with it. But I know enough not to force anything.

    Can anyone help???


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    Sounds like you have a Browning 1910 pocket auto (Browning has made a couple of different .380 autopistols over the decades).
    If yours has the tall adjustable sights and a finger extension on the magazine, it is technically a model 1910/71.
    The basic M1910 was made in .380 or .32 ACP caliber, and could be changed to the other caliber by swapping the barrel.

    #1 -- Don't know.

    #2 -- Here are a few links to auctions or online For Sale ads to give you an idea what other folks are asking for their pistols. Remember, condition is VERY important in setting price; a few small scratches, a worn finish, cracked grips, etc. can reduce the value quite a bit.

    Item:9559862 Browning Arms Co. Browning .380 auto, made in Belgium For Sale at

    ARMSLIST - For Sale: browning 380

    ARMSLIST - For Sale/Trade: BROWNING 10/71 .380 AND WINCHESTER 94 30/30

    #3 -- I'm not seeing a manual at any of my usual sources, but here is an article about the gun which may answer some questions about it.

    1910 FN Browning

    #4 -- In addition to the article above that has a brief explanation of disassembly, here is a YouTube video clip of disassembly of the Browning 1910.

    BROWNING FN 1910 field strip - YouTube

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    Smile 1971 .380

    It seems you have a 1971 MDL, if that is the case, I can offer a reprint manual, -- FYI-- PM me if interested.

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