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    Bersa Thunder Plus slide shuts, loading round, when mag slammed in.

    Hello, Everyone - I have a new Bersa with a coupe problems. Not very excited about two obvious, problematic quirks, but if I can mod or adjust something, and gun works reliably, I am still interested.

    If the slide is locked back, and if I insert a mag fairly firmly or hard, the slide closes, loading the first round.

    So, I have to be gently if I want to insert a mag but not have the first round loaded.

    Can someone tell me what I should file, bend, or otherwise mod to solve this?

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    That's pretty common and not generally a sign of anything wrong. If you want a mag in the gun and the chamber empty just close the slide first then insert the mag

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    My Bersa 380cc does the same thing. I am used to it and now I make sure it happens. Saves a step and if your not ready to fire just de-cock it and your ready to fire when needed. It seems all the Bersa 380's are like this. My Bersa 9UC does not do this.

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