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    380 cc good first gun for the wife

    Hey guys was looking to pick your brain a little bit. looking into getting my wife her first gun, i have a bersa thunder 380 plus, and was looking into something a little smaller for her.shes 5 foot tall 100lbs. im kinda of the opposite at 6'4" and 250 lbs. i can conceal the plus with no problem and i was trying to find her something she would be able to conceal just as easy. whatcha think? thanks

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    The new pico would be a good first gun and so would the beretta nano. In my opinion the bersa 380 might be just a little much for hee first gun. It just kicks so hard even in my hands and i am 6'2 215lbs. But you never know, if she likes shooting your bersa 380 then go for it.

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    If it's her first pistol, don't go the "get a little gun for the little lady" route.
    It leads to disaster.
    Little guns are very hard to shoot, and they are very uncomfortable to shoot as well.

    Beginners should learn to shoot with a full-size, full-weight, soft-recoiling pistol.
    (I have always successfully used the M1911, in .45 ACP., to start beginners off—small women included. My wife is the same size as yours.)

    When your wife has achieved some proficiency with a regular-size pistol, then you can begin her switch to a smaller carry gun.

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    Way back when, we taught S&W M 10 3-4" barrel, get them used to shooting and as they progressed, their ideas might change. I don't know if I'd go .45 ACP although it would be worth a try. also a full size 9mm or at least a Commander size 9mm.

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    Bersa pistols are easy to shoot because the shooter can get a good contact and hold of the grip. This makes recoil management easier. I do know the Bersa Thunder 380 is very popular with women, at least the women I have talked to about the guns they shoot.

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    I had the Bersa CC for about a year and a half, put many rounds through it, and only had issues with WWB FMJ. It did not like the flat point profile of that bullet. Sights are on the smallish size though, but with practice, can be mastered. Good luck on your quest.

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    Yes, Bersa CC an underrated yet an excellent gun. Though there are a couple of safeties that she needs to manipulate, but overall it's a good gun for people with smaller hands.


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