90-two 9mm or .40
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    90-two 9mm or .40

    I am about to purchase a 90-TWO and I am trying to decide whether I should get the 40 or the 9mm. I trying to teach my wife to shoot, and I will keep the 90-two at home for self defense. I feel like the 9mm will be easier to teach her, and because I am in the fine state of maryland, I will most likely not be shooting at anyone in body armor,

    Any advice, or insight?

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    I'd say 9mm... Low recoil, may be easier for her to shoot and become comfortable with.
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    Lighter recoil
    Ammo less expensive
    Holds more BBs


    More powerful than 9mm
    Kicks harder
    More expensive to shoot
    Holds fewer BBs

    People will soon post and say 9mm is a weak-kneed peashooter and .40 is the Thunder Hammer of Thor. But in the real world - as opposed to the hypothetical internet - 9mm is fine for defense with good modern JHPs. It is also much easier for a new shooter to handle.
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    Yes, I say go for the 9mm too.

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