Beretta px4 storm 9mm Holstering question

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      Beretta px4 storm 9mm Holstering question

      Hey guys. I was wondering what the advantages/disadvantages for different holster options for the px4 9mm. I know that functionality has a major influence on which holster to use. As far as OC or CC are concerned, I realize a side holster would be practical. My ultimate goal is to tactically carry my px49mmfs as a side arm, but would it be more beneficial to practice with a side hostlers first? Or would the habits developed when training with a side holster impair my ability to effectively draw from a thigh holster?
      (New to the handgun world, looking for a good starting point to perform very effective and tactical in any given situation.)

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      Before diving too deep into this, why are you planning on a thigh holster? Are you in Law Enforcement?

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      First off, obviously a thigh-holster isn't practical for CC. Unless you are a trans-sexual and plan on wearing a knee-length skirt.

      And for OC, in all my years, only once did I see a guy using a thigh-holster, and it was a very weird situation all around.

      So, for CC or OC, you will be best served by using a waist holster (plenty of types/styles to be had), plain and simple.

      But, I am curious. Why the interest in a thigh-holster?

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