Ammo question...
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    Ammo question...

    Hey, guys. I picked up another box of 100 Federal 115 grain 9mm FMJ at Wally World today for $19.95.

    I also picked up a box of 50 American Eagle 147 grain 9mm.

    What difference should I expect from these two rounds when I take them to the range with my PX4?
    Should the impact point on the target be the same at 7 yards with both of them of will one be lower than the other?
    I know nothing about ballistics, so I'm hoping someone can explain the difference.


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    Generally speaking, given the exact same aiming point and decent shooting technique, the impact point of a heavier bullet will be higher than that of a lighter bullet.
    However, this effect also is dependent upon the zero of the pistol, versus the distance from muzzle to target.

    Given a 25-yard zero, the impact points of the two bullet weights at seven yards will be very close together.
    ...If you shoot with good technique, that is.

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