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    Quote Originally Posted by crescentstar69 View Post
    All of these "best of" threads are so arbitrary and opinion based ...
    But this was not a "best of" thread; it is a "most reliable" thread. And reliability should be quantifiable.

    My vote goes to a L or M frame S & W revolver. With 7 or 8 rounds of .357 ammo it has good firepower with a creme de la creme manstopper caliber. Reliablity is as good as the ammunition.

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    I think a better question to ask is
    What gun has been documented to have been tested for the most rounds to failure?

    colt 1911 - 7,000 rounds by ??? in 19??
    beretta m9 - 17,000 rounds by ??? in 19??
    Glock 17 - 19,000 rounds by ???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Packard View Post
    If I had to pick the single most reliable weapon produced today I'd probably pick a S & W 686.
    OK, I'll give you that, no problem.
    Can I claim my Ruger SuperRedhawk Alaskan in .454 Casull as being at least in the "top ten big and reliable iron" category.

    Quote Originally Posted by crescentstar69 View Post
    . . . I call it the "my gun has a bigger dick than your gun" mentality.
    There is a WHOLE BUNCH of guns with bigger dicks than my Alaskan. But doesn't more than 95 % of the U.S. male population claim "it's how you use it that counts, not the size".

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    the most reliable pistol in the world is the one that sends the lead downrange when you pull the trigger..... anything else is just a statistic and has very little bearing on your own gun.

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    Pretty hard to pick one brand or model and say that it is the imperical superior to all of the rest. Personally I like several different brands and models believing them adequate to more than adequate for light duty work and what most average folks intend to put them through. Most cases if you take good care of your weapon your weapon will take good care of you.

    However, if one was putting together a short list of top contenders HK should certainly be on that list. They are purpose built to work reliably and last a very long time. To coin a phrase, over built or over engineered (if there is such a thing) seems to be a pretty accurate description. Seriously, what other manufacturer authorizes under full warranty protection the use of not only +P 45 ACP ammo but also 45 Super as HK does in the USP? Granted, I need to use a steady diet of 45 Super like I need 500 HP under the hood to drive 3 blocks to the grocery store but that's not the point. The platform can handle it and that speaks volumes to me about the thought and engineering that went into the system.

    Second aspect is consistancy of fabrication and from one sample to another over the course of time. A USP fabricated yesterday is of the same high quality and standards as one fabricated 5-years ago and that applies to the rest of the newer models as well. As a manufacturer myself (not of firearms) I know how hard that is to do. They don't compromise or deviate on components, craftmenship or quality standards. A lot of well regarded brands including some I like a lot cannot make that claim. I won't call it the best but in my opinion HK deserves a spot on the list. Specific model and caliber doesn't really matter.

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