The newest member of my family

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      The newest member of my family

      Yesterday, I traveled 80 miles to civilization with the intent to see a movie. My "local" gun store had not called me in quite a while, so I thought I'd drop in to make sure everyone was fine. It turned out, that yesterday was also the same day a new toy was schedueled to be delivered, and it was brought home that same day. But I didn't get back here until it was too late for me to want to take pictures.

      I am now the proud owner of a Beretta 90Two in .40 S&W. I should be out shooting the gun right now, but the road to the range is rough, and the only vehicle that I like to take down that particular road is out of town being serviced.

      I do have a question about one of the accessories that came with the pistol, it is a dark blue plastic "tube". The supplier thought it might be used for display purposes? Any ideas?

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      Congrats. I have seen them at a few stores recently

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