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Thread: Beretta "types"

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    Beretta "types"

    Sorry if this is posted elsewhere, I can't seem to find the answer on any of the posts.

    I'm curious if someone can give me a rundown of the different beretta "types", I think it is in reference to the triggers if I am not mistaken.

    Basically I see discussion of 92fs or a PX4 type F...what are the differences in the mechanisms.


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    F, G, D, and C are trigger/hammer operation identifiers:

    F = Safety/Decocker (examples are 92F and 92FS)
    G = Decocker only, no safety
    D = Double Action Only - usually flush hammer
    C = Constant Action (aka Type C) - (new) for PX4, pre-cocked double action

    L, M, and P are capacity/configuration identifiers:

    L is usually a compact with a slightly shorter grip. In the case of the Cougar, it is also a lighter barrel and beveled slide.

    M is a single-stack L

    P (as in Cougar L Type P) is the Cougar L slide, but with a full-length magazine - The Stoeger 8000 in 9mm is identical to the Beretta Cougar L Type P

    S and SB are early models of the 92 and are usually blued and have a round trigger guard.

    F and FS are the more and most recent versions of the 92. ALL model 96 pistols are considered FS unless a 96D or 96G, but do not always carry the designation.

    SD is a designation for "Special Duty" and will configured in a manner that would be most desirable for a duty weapon. Three examples of this are the 92G-SD, 96G-SD, and PX4-SD 45ACP.

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