grips and slides
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    grips and slides

    hi new to the forum but not new to the m9, been in the south carolina nat. guard a little over 20 years now. lugged a m4 and a m9 for 14 months in Iraq 03 -04. i now shoot in pistol comps with a 1911 but ammo is so high im starting to use a 92fs police spec. but its hard to get used to the fat grip. does anyone make a slim line grip for these? also as i retire this year i plan to apply for a state constable. they must carry .45 or .40 so will a complete 40 slide work on my 92 and if so where can i fined one. thanks

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    Some good grip info in this old thread from TFL:
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    You can get .40 slide assys for your 92, but I haven't seen one lately(I haven't been looking either). Last one I saw was at CDNN.

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