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Thread: Where do you..

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    Where do you..

    Been lurking forever, thought I would start a thread.

    Where do you go to shoot and what does it cost you?

    I usually shoot in the backyard or go to the sportsmans range at Camp Robinson. If you live in north little rock or near by, the sportsmans range is free. You can shoot everything from pistols to rifles. If youre not military all you have to do is get a pass at the gate and then sign in at the P.D. Its normally open Mon-Fri from 3:30p.m. to sundown. And all day on the weekends.

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    I go t a public range (5.00 per day) or just out in the desert, just depends on my mood....

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    Port St.John,FL.
    I belong to a indoor range that cost about $200 a year for me and the wife.

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    Beretta City, Texas
    My indoor range nearby is $10 per visit, or $15 for 2 people to share a lane. Membership is $300 a year! So, I just pay as I go.

    I sometimes go to an outdoor range (like I did this weekend to shoot my PS90) - but its about 20 miles away, and is $8.50 to shoot.

    The indoor range is SO nice in the summer.

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    Hey Woo, I live in Benton and usually go down towards Hot Springs. There's a little range down there on national park land that's free.

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    Bentonville, AR
    There are two private indoor ranges that I know of here in NWA. Both cost about $200 a year with a small charge each visit. At Hobbs State Park there is a free rifle range that is very nice but the closest the target can be set is 25 yards.

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    St Pete Beach, FL
    I go to a local indoor range. $300 per year. I bring the G/F on Mondays, when the ladies shoot free.

    Targets: .20 for bulls, .50 for 1/2 size torsos...


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    clyde n.c.
    I go out the front door, cost a whole lot more than $300.00 per year but it is 25 acres house and peace and quiet. In the summer time I can't even see my nearest neighbor.

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    Local indoor range run by the county. 4 separate ranges, 2 pistol, 2 rifle. One is 100 meters. $10 a visit, targets are $.25 or you can bring your own. $1 rents your a bench rest or a spotting scope.

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    Washington county, arkansas
    I used to go to Hobbs quite often. It's too far a drive for me now. There is a public range near Clarksville that I haven't been to yet. I'll do Sturm's indoor range in Springdale after work sometimes as they are opened until 8pm weekdays. $10 each time, and I use the IDPA target for 65. Then I'll staple my 9" paper plates over the holes and use the same target for all 2-300 rounds. I'm looking into joining the Old Fort Gun Club. That would be $80 per year and they have a nice range from what I hear, and other activities I enjoy like silhouette matches and others.

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    Usually it's the range. A typical range day breaks down like this:

    Range Fee $17 (non-member; membership's around $150 and knocks range fees to $8 so it's worth it if you shoot more than once a month)
    250 rounds 9mm ammo $45 (Remington UMC; I generally use 150 and stock the leftovers for a rainy day)
    4 addt'l pistol targets $1
    1 additional "custom" target (silhouette or drill tgt) $1.50

    I do various ranges of aimed fire with about 100 rounds, then spend the rest on whatever I think I need to work on, like double-taps, long-range marksmanship, mock-CHL course of fire, etc.

    Last time I went shooting, however, I just went out and found the middle of nowhere. Found an open gate off an unpaved road into some land with an area that had obviously been used as a shooting range, loaded up and christened my new Buckmark outlaw style (It's the only way to shoot .22 ). Not sure it cost me any less though; it took half a tank of gas to get there and back.

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    White Hall Ar.
    I shoot at the Jefferson County Sheriffs firing range or at Dons Weaponry in Little Rock

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    Little Rock, Arkansas
    I wasn't aware that Camp Robinson opened their ranges again to the public. I am retired military. Do you just go to Range Control to sign in?

    Otherwise I shoot at Don's, is why I don't shoot as often as I would like.

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    East Texas
    I pay $150 a year for a membership to an outdoor range. Not fancy, but it has flop-down steel silhouettes and numerous other steel targets, including spinners, and a riflr range out to 500 yards. Members get a key to the gate and go during daylight hours, any time that there is not a match going on (IDPA, etc.).

    Or I can pay ~$20+ to got to an indoor range, if it's raining, or if I want to use my laser sights.

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    Dec 2008
    South Arkansas
    I go out the front door, take a right through the yard right past the ice chest and shoot. I own 5 acres outside the city limits and can shoot or pee at will in my yard, god bless the USA!

    American by birth, Southern by the grace of God!

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    Dec 2008
    Usually out behind the house. I hear there is a range not far from me, but I haven't been to check it out yet.

    I guess I need to go check it out.

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    New Mexico
    Diablo Canyon AKA Buckman, no people around middle of the desert off of a dirt road. Alot of crap out there Washers, water heaters...ETC. Fun place....It goes out forever, I setup targets usually containers with water 100 yards, 200 yards and 300 yards. Just watch out for the hippies, there is some sort of free love squatters camp about 5 miles away in the desert.

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    100 yard rifle range out in the county....about 5 miles! Love the country living!

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    Twin lakes gun club

    Hi Y'all
    I use TWIN LAKES GUN CLUB just 11 miles north of Mountain Home, Arkansas.
    It's $65 a year, pro rated for less the year at the quaters.
    There are Trap, Skeet and Sporting Clays or Rifle (various styles) Pistol (various styles) Cowboy Action ShootersMuzzle Loader and Archery.
    So there is a great choice of weapons field available.
    Hope to see y'all around.
    Yours in service
    James Acerra


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    I head about 20 mintues north into the woods my grandma owns. It's open year round All I have to do is clean up the mess, and stop at the house on my way out.

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