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    Springfield, MO
    I go to a range that is maintained by the Conservation Dept. in Pleasant Hope, MO. It's free (if you don't count the deer/turkey tags and hunting/fishing lisence I buy every year) and they are open from dawn to dusk Tuesday thru Sunday. Closed Mondays for clean up. They have a 25 yarder, a 100 yarder and a place to shoot clays. They also provide paper targets and duct tape!!!

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    Alma, AR
    I shoot at work!

    we have a range in Van Buren ( ) - it's $100 a year for an individual and $150 for a family membership.

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    There are a bunch of ranges where I live. At least 6 within driving distance last check. Most of them have some pretty ridiculous rules or fees though. For example most of them require full metal jacket ammo only. One range limits rate of fire to 1 shot every 3 seconds, and does not allow you to load more than 1 bullet at a time in rifles, except for .22 which you can load 5 rounds at a time. Another uses tokens like an arcade, charging $200 per year for membership, then you have to buy tokens that you insert into a token machine each hour for range time at a cost of $10-$15 per hour depending on how many tokens you buy at a time.

    The range I use charges $10 per day for a lane unless you are a member, but their member fee is like $200 a year so I just pay per day. That may change once I start reloading my own ammo if I start going shooting as often as I am hoping to. Its not a bad indoor range, but the max range is only like 75 feet which makes shooting rifles there almost pointless IMO. The employees there also have atitudes, but so far it's the only range I found near me that will let me fire non-jacketed ammo which is what I am gonna be reloading once I get my press delivieerd by UPS.(hopefully today)

    If anyone knows of a better range near Marysville, WA though I would love to hear about it.

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    Gainesville, Fl.
    There is a nice indoor range about 10 miles down the road. I think it's $10 an hour.

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    North Carolina
    I go out the back door also. When it real cold or hot I will go to the Indoor range which is 25 miles away. Can't remember the cost but not unreasonable.

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    I either go to shoot in my backyard or, for longer range, I go to the forest next to my place. There is no range fee.

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    I used to go out to the range mentioned before outside of hot springs. Its out by Brady mtn. But I've always just went to my dads in friendship or my cousins out by Joan. Now I live in Emmett and although I life in the middle of no where its my g/fs grandpas land and he doesn't want us shooting here because of livestock and one incedent where he was walking through his pasture one day and took a stray .22 round across his face. Had no idea where it came from but he don't want me shooting so I respect that. As hard as it is not to draw down on the deer that come to the pond 75 yards behind my house lol. There's a sand pit outside of Prescott that me and some guys from go to bust some caps. Normally they just get me to go cause they like my guns. My dressed up cx4 is always a hit with folks who don't really know much about guns. They just think it looks "cool". Does shoot pretty smooth out to 100yrds or so

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    Rural Arkansas (Ozarks)
    Woo, We're about 200 yds off a little dirt road and I have a bullet-stop set up against the side of a hill half-way when I go up to get the mail, I shoot a few cans on the way back. It's free.

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    I do nearly all practice/sighting-in shooting at Benton Gun Club.
    Initial, one-time range maintenance fee of $100 then $75 annual membership fee.
    Must be a current NRA member and have the recommendation of a current senior member.
    Then you attend a monthly meeting with those requirements met, and they take a vote
    to approve your membership.
    You're given a key to the main gate - the property has eight large ranges. From long range to
    plinking, pistol, shotgun, etc.
    Matches are open to the public.
    Great place.
    5522 Mt Olive Cutoff Rd‎
    Bauxite, AR 72011

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