CCW Class in Phoenix Area

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      CCW Class in Phoenix Area

      New member here, and new gun owner as well.

      I'm looking for recommendations on a place to take the CCW class in the Phoenix area. I have a coworker who took it, but the class was run in a boot-camp fashion complete with an in-your-face instructor. I'd prefer someone with a calm, methodical approach. Any suggestions?

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      I took mine at shooters world. I have heard good things about Scottsdale gun club. Guns and pluss in Suprise has a good rep.
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      If you're anywhere near the East Valley, I strongly recommend instructor JR Robie at Caswells in Mesa. Definitely no boot camp mentality, and my wife and I both liked JR enough to take more advanced instruction from him, as well.

      And welcome aboard!
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      I'm a little late with my reply, but x2 with JR Robie at Caswells, in Mesa.

      Mr Robie presented a class that kept you interested and was not boring. I took the Saturday morning
      class (yawn), 0700-1600, with an hour off for lunch (he passed out coupons for a free sandwich at a
      local fast food place).

      Towards the end of the class, you go to the simulator room, where each person faces off in a GG / BG
      scenerio. Some are a surprised with a no-shoot situation. He also offers one-on-one instruction with
      the simulator at $40.00 an hour. Several people can go together and share the cost... something I’ve
      been wanting to do.

      Oh, and don’t mess with the dude. He is a big man and can carry an arsenal on his person and you’d
      never know he had all the stuff he was carrying. Can you say:

      - a full size Glock
      - a baby Glock
      - a pocket pistol (I didn't see what make or model)
      - a defensive flashlight
      - a stick of pepper spray
      - a collapsible baton
      - a cell phone

      The man is ready, the only thing he didn’t have that morning was a knife, which he said he forgot in his
      haste to leave the house and make it to the class on time….

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